33th International Zuchex 2023 Home & Kitchenwares Fair

June 13, 2024
Latest company news about 33th International Zuchex 2023 Home & Kitchenwares Fair

Türkiye International Household and Kitchen Products Exhibition is jointly held by Tarsus Group Limited, a famous British exhibition organization, and the industry association. It is held at TUYAP Exhibition Center in Istanbul, Türkiye every autumn. This exhibition has become the fourth largest home goods expo in Europe, after the Consumer Goods Fair Frankfurt, the Consumer Goods Fair Machev in Italy, and the Consumer Goods Fair Birmingham in the UK. The exhibition industry gathers various types of textiles, kitchen supplies, daily consumer goods, gifts, etc.

The number of exhibitors in the last autumn exhibition reached 700. The number of exhibitors came from 20 countries and regions, including Türkiye, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, Portugal, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and China. The number of buyers reached 37000, mainly from countries and regions in the Middle East, Europe, North Africa, and the Mediterranean. The countries with the largest number of international buyers were Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Greece, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Jordan, and Libya.After the exhibition, we received nearly 200 business cards from exhibitors from around the world.

Türkiye is a member of the European Union. Türkiye spans Europe and Asia, is located at the border of Europe and Asia, adjacent to the Middle East and Central Asia, currently with Ukraine, the former Eastern Europe
There is close trade between Africa and Europe. In recent years, western Europe, South Korea, Japan and other trade developed countries have taken Türkiye as a hub for radiating Eurasia, in order to expand Eurasia
Enterprises in the market provide excellent opportunities. In addition to the shift of the global economic center of gravity, Türkiye, as the economic and trade bridge between Europe, Asia and Africa, has a strong influence on the recovery of the market
Sensitivity and accuracy in response. In recent years, Türkiye has attracted the attention of our company and is regarded as a new platform for developing sales markets in Europe, Asia and Africa.